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Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide (1)

In this Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide, we will guide you on choices and their consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy is a game that relies heavily on your choices and their consequences on the entire galaxy around you including your teammates. Some of the decisions will also affect your relations with your team while some decisions will affect the whole of the galaxy around you.

Choices and Consequences Guide – Guardians of the Galaxy

Our Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide details everything that you need to know about choices and consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy.

All Choices and Their Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

You will find all of the choices that you can make in the game and what consequences they have in the game below:

Chapter 1 Choices and Consequences

Reassure or Spook GrootReassuring Groot allows you to comfort Groot with dialogue
Spooking Groot allows you to scare Groot by telling him that they might get shot on the spot to which Groot gets spooked and Rocket laughs
Investigate Thumpers or Let Rocket WorkInvestigating Thumper follows a humorous dialogue followed by a shut-up call to Rocket by everyone on the ship
Let Rocket Work allows you to continue minding your own business as you let Rocket carry on with his work
Cash or RepYou choose Cash and tell Rocket why cash is important
You choose Rep and tell Rocket why rep is important in the universe
Defend New Members or Let Rocket ReminisceDefend allows you to take the side of Drax and Gamora
Reminisce allows you to let Rocket talk about his past

Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences

Double Down or LieChoosing Double Down allows you to promise the ship captain that you are not smuggling anything and discuss your past with her
Choosing Lie will make you lie to the captain that your navigation system was broken.
Hide the Creature or Hide the TechHiding the Llama will disappoint Rocket and later you will be fined 7,000 Units
Hiding the Tech will disappoint Gamora and you will be fined 8,000 Units later in the game. This choice will also unlock lock-on rockets for your ship.
Back Pedal or Stick Up for NikkiChoosing Back Pedal will make you say that Nikki has conviction and not in a bad way. The elevator will continue to go up, but Nikki will not be happy
Choosing Stick Up for Nikki will not make Nikki’s mother get better with her and she will continue to be upset with her. She will then lock down the elevator however her mum will realize that her daughter has bypassed all of the security systems
Make a Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate ElevatorChoosing to Make a Joke will make you say a joke and both Nikki and her mother will not be impressed, the argument will continue however Nikki will eventually trust you enough to give you her room key
Choosing Back Up Ko-Rel will allow you to make things worse as Nikki ends up losing access to her key
Choosing Reactivate Elevator does not work and both of them become disappointed with you.
Side with Ko-Rel or Help NikkiChoosing to help Ko-Rel will allow you to gain the trust of Nikki and get your hands on the passkey
Choosing to trust Nikki will make matters worse and Ko-Rel will tell Nikki to empty her pockets, which she refuses
Tell Ko-Rel the Truth, Divert Attention or Take the BlameChoosing to tell Ko-Rel the Truth will make Nikki lose her passkey and she will become upset with you
Choosing Divert attention will make you say to Ko-Rel that you still have feelings for her which will divert the attention of everyone. Nikki will lose her key and she will not trust you either
Choosing to Take the Blame will make Nikki give you her passkey and earn her trust as well.
Do the Math or Ignore the MathChoosing to do the Math will net you a 7 or 8 thousand fine and you must pay the rest of the fine in cycles as well
Choosing to Ignore the Math will make Star Lord stay with Ko-Rel after a few goofy acts

Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences

Hear Out Drax, Call on Groot, Focus on RocketChoosing Hear Out Drax allows you to make everyone listen to Drax where he details the monster
Choosing Call on Groot makes Rocket translate everything Groot says which is that ideas should be combined
Choosing Focus on Rocket makes you listen to what Rocket has to say and Gamora will simply say you do not have time to sell your ship
Vote to Sell Groot or RocketVoting to Sell Groot changes the mission as you will encounter different cutscenes and the mission changes after meeting with Lady Hellbender. This is good for stealth approaches
Voting to Sell Rocket changes the mission as you later use Rocket’s mind to track him down and free him. This is for people who want a more chaotic approach to the mission and Rocket will remember your decision as well
Encourage or Stop DraxChoosing to Encourage Drax will make Rocket angry, and you will later tell him about his 10% increase of his cut
Choosing to stop Drax will make you go down into the area and look for another way to cross the area
Encourage or Stop Drax (Available only if you decide to stop Drax the first time around)Choosing Encourage will make Drax throw Rocket in turn making him angry
Choosing to stop Drax will make you look for another route yet again
Stand Your Ground or Change Your MindChoosing Stand Your Ground will make Groot enter the cage and later on in the game, a few cutscenes will change
Choosing to Change Your Mind will make Rocket enter the cage instead and this will make Gamora angry
Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure or Argue (Flashback)All choices lead to the same result with just a different Star Lord’s dialogue

Chapter 4 Choices and Consequences

Side with Rocket or Gamora (Result is same for both options)Siding with Rocket will make him make fun of Gamora
Siding with Gamora will just make Star Lord say that he trusts Gamora
Take the Lead or Encourage DraxChoosing to Take the Lead will make you introduce yourself to the queen leading to an awkward situation
Choosing Encourage Drax will lead to a more comfortable deal and your previous choice of Groot or Rocket will be used here
Encourage Cuteness or Push Ferociousness (Applicable for Rocket only)Choosing Cuteness will make you present Rocket as a super cute animal and this only follows the chaos
Choosing Ferociousness will make you present Rocket as a killer and a strong creature
Price Negotiation (Applicable for Groot Only)Choosing Offer Less will stick you and Gamora to 10,000 Units while Drax says 20,000 Units. The queen offers 9,000 however price is settled at 9,537
Choosing to Support Drax will make you stick to his offer of 20,000 Units. The lady offers 15,000 but Drax will need to stay however the price is settled at 12,000 Units
Price Negotiation (Applicable for Rocket Only)Choosing Stick with It will make Rocket give the price of 20,000 Units however price negotiations will fail, and chaos will follow
Choosing to Offer Less will give the queen an offer of 12,000 Units but sadly negotiations fail again, and Rocket loses his cool in this case as well.

Chapter 5 Choices and Consequences

Ask About Crime or Ask About Nova CorpsChoosing Ask About Crime will make you ask the criminal about his crime
Choosing to Ask About Nova Corps will make you ask the criminal about what is going on around the location. This opens up the option of interacting with the holding cell or not. If you decide to hit the switch on the holding cell, you will lower the cell and Rocket will laugh at your action
Put It Down or Speak into HelmetChoosing to Put Down the Helmet will make you throw the helmet and not speak in the helmet. At the end, you will witness the executions of Nova Corps members
If you speak into the Helmet, you will invite some guards over for some action and you will then get to choose Retreat or Ko-Rel. Choosing either will result in the same thing.

Chapter 6 Choices and Consequences

Defer to Gamora, Tell the Truth, Pretend you Remember, Freeze and Say NothingChoosing Defer to Gamora will make Gamora tell a little about the past and eventually singing will start
Choosing, to Tell the Truth, will make you say the truth that you do not remember him which makes him upset about forgetting about the blood oath
Choosing to Pretend you Remember will make you say that how can you forget a face like that made him laugh and eventually singing
Choosing the last option of saying nothing will make the singing start eventually however you will need to join in as well
Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover (Song Lyrics)Rolling Like a Hurricane – Both men will sing along
Like a Lover – This makes everyone to stop, and he gets angry, asking you to be right
Cherry Lips – This angers the man and turns him into an enemy
Through the Rain – This option salvages your friendship and gives you a coupon
Buy the Disabler or Refuse the DisablerYou will end up with the Disabler, a black market device
You tell the dealer that your Tech guy will come back to complete the deal
Lets Play, No Thanks, Play AgainChoosing No Thanks will skip the game and you will back away from it, angering the brain
Choosing Let’s Play will make you play the game as you have to play a game of guessing where the ball is giving you a reward
Choosing Play Again will cost you 1,500 Units and the game will be rigged as the brain will run away with your money
Play SlotsYou will spend 500 by hitting the jackpot and the machine will malfunction at the end
Check on Drax or Focus on the RiftChoosing to Check on Drax will allow you to check on him and discuss your family members
Choosing The Rift will allow you to ask Drax about what happens if you go through the Rift
Choosing Disagree with Drax
Important or Enemies (Flashback)Choosing Important makes your mother detail about your father being a king of an entire world and how you will be just like him.
Choosing Enemies makes your mother tell you about your father’s people being at war and how he gave his life to save Earth

Chapter 7 Choices and Consequences

Defuse the Situation or Push BackBoth options will make you and Rocket shout at each other
Sell Out Rocket or Stick TogetherChoosing to Sell Out Rocket will make you say that you have nothing to do with Rocket and he fights with everyone on the team
Choosing Stick Together will have everyone stand united and Gamora will detail that they are here to investigate the Nova Rock
Red or Yellow Power SupplyChoosing Red will open the door and throw everyone out in the space before a QTE kicks in to unlock a new elemental shot
Choosing Yellow yields, the same result as above
Sweep the Leg or Ride the StarsChoosing Sweep the Leg will make Gamora remember it
Choosing Ride the Stars will make Gamora remember it
Question the Math or Do the MathChoosing Question the Math allows you to make the focus again on the task
Choosing to Do the Math allows you to focus again on the task as well
Confess or DeflectChoosing Confess makes you admit that the creature is similar to the one you released
Choosing Deflect makes you say that Rocket is right, and you have no idea about the creature released

Chapter 8 Choices and Consequences

Distract Raker, Feign Interest or Support GamoraChoosing Distract Raker allows you to distract Raker by pointing out his face
Choosing Feign Interest makes Raker think that you are taking so much interest that he starts detailing the whole story with Rocket doing his job in the background
Supporting Gamora gives you to option to cover for Gamora and learn more about the energy as well. This opens up additional choices which are Something About Her, Something About Them, and Something About Him to ask Raker followed by two more choices Admire the Con where you pretend that you like his spiritual mission and Fake Heart Attack where you pretend to have a heart attack
Rethink Choice or Accept the PromiseChoosing to rethink the choice, the cut-scene will return to the point where you saved your mother, and you will now have to break free
Choosing Accept the Promise will end the journey
Play Along or Come CleanChoosing Play Along will make you say that you did not forget anything, and you are on a mission to set everything up
Choosing Come Clean will make you say that you forgot, and you are then informed about your mission

Chapter 9 Choices and Consequences

Focus on Bounty or Identify with Glory (Not available if you sold Groot to Lady Hellbender)Choosing Focus will allow you to focus on the price and offer to pay more
Choosing Identify will allow you to get more information about the ravagers and the lethal legion
Computer ChoicesTo proceed to the next section, pick Report a Crime>Past Crimes>Pay the Fee
Reject Conclusion or Share Intel (You can convince Worldmind to fight with you in the final battle during this conversation if you side with it)If you just decide to Reject Conclusion, you will try to convince Worldmind but your try fails
If you decide to Share Intel with the Worldmind, you will tell it how you escaped and you have intel however the Worldmind is still in doubt. You will get two additional choices here now:

Question Strategy -Info is not shared by this choice.

Appeal to Duty – You say that you are Nova Core’s leader however you manage to get on Worldmind’s good side. Additional choices are:

Call out Coward – You tell Worldmind that it is scared and it refuses.

Put into Perspective – You get some info about how it consumed energy and Worldmind remains on your good side

Pay Debt or LeaveChoosing to Pay your Debt will disappoint your team and you will lose the disabler. Nova Corps will start trusting you more
Rejecting to pay your debts and choosing to leave will make your team happy and you will get to keep the disabler as well however you will need to pay the tech guy for the disabler if you did not pay for it earlier

Chapter 10 Choices and Consequences

Lie or Stall HimIf you choose to lie, Drax will be happy
You can also choose to stall Drax which will be met with more options

Fight for the Guardians – You will try to convince Drax to fight with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Appeal to Drax – You will tell Drax that it is murder and be busted at the end because you will not know the plan anyway

Call BS or Indulge CuriosityChoosing Call BS will make you say that you cannot give a name
Choosing Indulge Curiosity will make you ask what it is and Drax will explain it
Blame Warlock or RakerBlaming Warlock will shift all blame on him to which he will say that he was indeed deluded
Blaming Raker will shift all blame on him and will present Warlock as innocent
Focus on Nikki or Ko-RelFocus on Nikki will make you tell Nikki that she must accept her mother’s death
Focus on Ko-Rel will make you wonder if you can bring her back and Warlock will deny

Chapter 12 Choices and Consequences

Clarify, Yes or NoChoosing Clarify will make Warlock explain what he means, and he will end up insulting you. Further choices include:

Leave it at that – You do not react much to his statement

Confront – You refuse to trust him as he was a friend of Raker in the past

Choosing Yes will make you agree and Warlock will make an oath with you
Choosing No will make leave the matter hanging in the middle since you do not know what he wants
Scold or Offer HandIf you choose Scold, you will scold Cosmos and he will bite your finger. This is not the right option if you want Cosmos to help you later
If you choose Offer Hand, you will calm Cosmos down and he will return to his senses. Additional choices include:

Indulge the Past – You share with Cosmos a moment to discuss a few things from the past

Focus on Present – You share a moment with Cosmos to tell him that Knowhere is your home. Further choices include:

Remind about Puppies – You tell Cosmos about your own family and puppies and tell him not to leave his puppies in the space

Empathize with Loss – You explain to Cosmos that you lost family too and this makes Cosmos release the Guardians

Chapter 13 Choices and Consequences

Probe for Details or Embrace the RitualChoosing Probe for Details will make you say that people came here to find something, and you must do so too.
Choosing Embrace will make you say that you feel a connection and Rocket will laugh at you
Check on Wellbeing or Harness AggressionChoosing Check on will make you check on her to see if she is fine leading to some discussion
Choosing Harness Aggression will make you say that you are loving the murder, but they are not all hostile

Chapter 15 Choices and Consequences

Be Cautious or Snap Her Out of ItChoosing Be Cautious will allow you to explain it to her to get the items again
Choosing Snap Her Out of It will make you tell Nikki that none of this is real which does not work
Explain Her Feelings, Try to Relate, Acknowledge limitsBy Choosing to Explain Her Feelings, you try to tell Nikki that why she is feeling this way, but it ends not good
By Choosing Try to Relate, you try to tell Nikki how you feel but it fails as well
By Choosing Acknowledge Limits, you say that Nikki is right, and you do not understand her feelings. Further choices include:

Try to Relate Again – She tends to understand but it works mildly

Ease Her Guilt – You tell Nikki she is not the one to cause harm to her mother which gets through to her

Blame Rocket – You blame rocket which makes Nikki mad. Additional options include:

Trust Nikki – You tell Nikki that she is the only one who can reject the lie and set how things move forward from this point on.

Pretend Not to Hear – You simply ignore the sounds and pretend like nothing is there at the door.

Chapter 16 Choices and Consequences

Take the Knee or Slow ClapBy choosing to Take the Knee, you take the knee, and the team refuses to kneel
This option makes the whole team clap slowly in a sarcastic manner
Appeal or Badger WarlockChoosing to appeal to Warlock does not work and you refuse to do it so it restarts to the last checkpoint
Choosing Badger Warlock will make you insult Warlock
Provoke or Recall Good TimesChoosing to Provoke makes you keep insulting Warlock until it attacks you
Choosing Recall Good Times makes you try to calm down Warlock and it actually works with the game-ending abruptly.

For more help with the game, check out the guides linked below:

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This concludes our Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.


Should you answer yes or no to Adam Warlock? ›

You can speak to Adam Warlock inside Peter's room. It doesn't seem like any of your responses seem to make a difference, so respond however you'd like.

Should I kneel or slow clap Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Phase 1 – Kneel or Slow Clap

When you're given your first choice when talking to Magus, you should choose the Slow Clap option. Your not actually clapping, although Magus is a bit thick and needs that explaining to him. When you finally do – and call him an idiot – he will throw a planet at you.

Do choices really matter in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

There's dozens of choices throughout the vast majority of Guardians of the Galaxy, but here's the secret: most of decisions you make don't have any real consequences.

Should I side with Ko-Rel or Nikki? ›

The best choice here is to side with Nikki. Not only does it matter for the story, but she'll also give you a Compendium item in the shape of an access key that will be useful in Chapter 7. Star-Lord will say that he hacked the doors and Nikki had nothing to do with it, making him look like the bad guy.

Why can't death claim Adam Warlock? ›

Immortality: Though Adam can die, his soul is strong enough that death can't take it, allowing him to be reborn via his regenerative coccon. Superhuman Strength: Warlock possess superhuman strength, which allows him to hurt stronger beings such as Thanos, god of thunder Thor, and the hero Wonder Man.

How to get 15000 units for Groot? ›

If you chose to sell Groot, you'll successfully sell him to Lady Hellbender and earn 15,000units. The chapter will then be more stealthy as you try freeing Groot and escaping the fortress.

Is selling Groot or Rocket better? ›

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. You will anger Lady Hellbender either way, and both choices pay out 12,000 credits it's more a decision based on whether you want to play a stealth mission, or a firefight mission.

Should I let Drax throw rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy game? ›

You can either stop Drax, or encourage Drax to throw Rocket. The first thing to note is that there are no long-term consequences to throwing Rocket. Besides making him furious, your decision won't impact the wider story in any way.

Is Nikki Peters daughter? ›

With the help of Ko-Rel's spirit–who reveals Nikki is an adopted war orphan and not Peter's daughter–Peter convinces Nikki to accept Ko-Rel's death, freeing her from her Promise and Magus' control, while also unlocking her hidden powers.

Can you romance Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy game? ›

The developer's choice not to have a romantic attraction between Star-Lord and Gamora only helps to strengthen this plot in several ways. Related: Should You Play Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in New Game+?

What happens if you don't pay the Nova Corp fine? ›

If you choose not to pay the fine, you'll also unlock an extra cutscene at the end of the game. In this scene, the Nova Corps disable the Milano, since the Guardians Of The Galaxy are technically still in debt, despite having saved everyone from Grand Unifier Raker.

Should I save llama or tech gog? ›

Overall, keeping the llama is the cheaper choice, but if you want a slight, but not very significant edge in a later chapter, stash the tech. You'll still have the llama eating holes in the wall on Milano, but if you keep the tech, you'll need to sing to it to direct it.

How do you convince Nikki to reject the promise? ›

Once you have made all three correct choices Peter will light a candle and comfort Nikki, at which point she will reject The Promise. Peter will awaken and immediately have to fight Raker.
To save Nikki from The Promise, pick these choices:
  1. Acknowledge limits.
  2. Ease her guilt.
  3. Trust Nikki.
Aug 9, 2022

Can you save Ko-Rel from dying? ›

After making all of the necessary preparations, Ko-Rel knocks at the door and confirms to Star-Lord that she is really dead and her entire being isn't just trapped in the Soul Stone. A piece of her is still in the stone, allowing her to reach out to him, but she is otherwise dead and can't be saved.

Can you get love Nikki on laptop? ›

Jump into the excitement with Love Nikki – Dress UP Queen on your computer or laptop to join the beautiful Nikki on a deep story that rivals most novels in existence. Over the course of Nikki's 300,000 plus word adventure, she will be tasked with designing a multitude of different outfits as the situations see fit.

Is Adam Warlock a hero or a villain? ›

Biography. Genetically engineered as the perfect being, the hero known as Adam Warlock uses his superhuman strength and cosmic powers to protect the universe from its darkest forces… including the one within himself.

Who is stronger Adam Warlock vs Scarlet Witch? ›

Adam Warlock would prove victorious in a fight against Scarlet Witch in the comics and the MCU. Even though Darkhold currently empowers Wanda, Adam Warlock is still more intelligent, faster, durable, and stronger than Wanda.

Can Thor defeat Adam Warlock? ›

Thor would win in a fight against Adam Warlock. The two clashed in the comics several times, and Thor simply proved to be the superior between the two each time. He simply has more potent powers. He is stronger, faster, and more durable.

Can you win the 5 million units in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

There is no way to win the 5 million units. That being said, there is one very good reason to buy a lottery ticket in Knowhere. If you want to 100% complete the game then you need to buy a lottery ticket as it is one of the achievements for the games 'Galactic Compendium'.

Should I hide the llama or the tech? ›

Of the two options players can choose from the best choice to make is to hide the tech. Here's why: If you hide the tech, you get homing missiles later on. Whatever you pick, the Llama doesn't get confiscated.

What are the best choices for Lady Hellbender? ›

The best choice, and the default choice when starting from the Lady Hellbender chapter, is to sell Groot. If Drax does all the talking, you'll walk out of there with 12,000 units.

What happens if you don t hide the llama Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

If you don't care much for the creature and choose to hide Rocket's Tech you will receive a fine of 7000 credits for trespassing plus a further 1000 credits for smuggling an illegal creature.

Are Rocket and Groot dating? ›

Rocket and Groot have been best friends since they met each other on Halfworld and began a life of crime together. While Rocket was cruel to everyone, he had a soft spot for his best friend and fellow partner.

What happens if you give Rocket to Lady Hellbender? ›

Ultimately, Lady Hellbender doesn't see Rocket as a worthy trade offer. She'll laugh at you which incenses him and then it all goes a bit pear-shaped. You'll end up in a lengthy fight and trapped in a vault with poison gas. Luckily, there's also 12,000 credits in this vault, so remember to pick that up.

Is Rocket Raccoon good or bad? ›

It's a good thing that Rocket is a hero in the MCU, because he would be tough to take down as a villain. While he is a flawed hero, with Rocket even taking some blame for the events of Infinity War, his intentions have been (mostly) pure so far.

Should you speak into the helmet or put it down Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

If you're not looking for a fight just yet, select to put the helmet down. Your team will appreciate that decision! If you speak into the helmet, enemy Nova Corps troops appear, and you'll need to fight them all. Either way, you'll need to use the elevator in the back of the room to continue to the next area.

Is Gamora coming back in Guardians of the Galaxy 3? ›

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is set to be an emotional rollercoaster, so we are sure some of it will include Gamora getting to know Guardians, and especially Peter Quill all over again.

Does Quill have a child? ›

In Guardians of the Galaxy #13, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, makes the shocking revelation that he had a son while trapped in another dimension.

How did Nikki get her powers? ›

Nikki is a member of a genetically engineered offshoot of humanity whose traits were designed for survival in the harsh conditions of the planet Mercury. As such, she has the ability to see in intense light, and has a high degree of resistance to heat and most types of radiation.

Who is Adam Warlock's good side? ›

The Goddess also ranks among Warlock's major foes. She is the living embodiment of Adam's good side, an extremist intent on eradicating all sin from the universe—by destroying anything capable of sinning.

Is Adam Warlock good or bad Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

It is likely that Adam Warlock is not necessarily bad but is an antagonist that will clash with the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, it is also possible that this movie will serve as the character's eventual transformation into a good guy, as this was something that we also saw in the comics.

Is Adam Warlock an enemy or ally? ›

But they have a unique bond. And that causes Adam Warlock and Thanos to be both enemy and ally. Although they fought against each other many times, together they defeated AnnihilusOpens in new tab and other cosmic threats.

Is Warlock a good guy? ›

“It's kind of more complicated than that,” he tells Empire. “But he's definitely not a good guy. What we're seeing is the infant form of Warlock, newly out of the cocoon, and he does not understand life very well. He's basically a baby.”

Can Captain Marvel beat Adam Warlock? ›

Adam Warlock would win in a fight against Captain Marvel. His cosmic powers and energy projection abilities are much more powerful than Captain Marvel's. But as other aspects of the two characters come into play, they are pretty evenly matched.

Who is Thanos brother? ›

Born on Saturn's moon Titan, home to a population of Eternals all its own, Eros is the biological brother of Thanos the Mad Titan.

Can Adam Warlock be killed? ›

After being weakened in battle, Adam is able to conjure a birthing cocoon, similar to the one from his origin story. The cocoon heals Adam, allowing him to be reborn. At times Warlock has also used the Soul Gem to bring himself back to life. Adam Warlock can be killed, but keeping him dead is another story.

Is Thanos friends with Adam Warlock? ›

4 Friends With Thanos

The characters of Thanos and Adam Warlock had quite the history, especially after the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. The two became somewhat friends. Adam Warlock even saw Thanos at one point as his only friend.


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