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This page of IGN’s Guardians of the Galaxy walkthrough contains information for Chapter 10 - Test of Faith. This walkthrough guides you step by step through the narrative and contains the locations of all the Outfits and Guardian Collectibles in Chapter 10. You may have noticed Drax has been acting weird since Chapter 8 - The Matriarch. Well, it seems he has accepted the promise, and now wants everyone else on the team to do so too.

How Do You Escape Your Room?


No matter what you say to Drax, Peter and the rest of the team end up locked in their rooms. How you escape is determined by what you decided to hide from the Nova Corps at the start of Chapter 2 - Busted. Regardless of the option you chose, the first thing you need to do is to grab the comms device from the counter.

If You Hid the Llama

This is the easy one! After grabbing the comms device and speaking with the team, walk to the back of Peter’s room and you’ll discover a hole chewed through the wall. Interact with it and it’ll lead you out to the cargo bay. Head up toward the bridge. Interact with the console on the left of the captain’s chair to unlock the doors and free the team.

If You Hid the Tech

This once could be tricky. After grabbing the comms device and speaking to the team, you’ll need to grab the tablet on Peter’s bed. The goal is to have the llama reach the emergency door control alluded to in the previous chapter. The controls are in the center of the ship, right next to the entrance of the bridge. To accomplish this You’ll need to follow the llama on the radar as the team’s singing attracts or repels her.

Only one Guardian can sing at a time. Peter and Groot attract the llama. Gamora and Rocket repel her. The llama starts on Gamora’s side. You’ll need to alternate between the different guardians to lead the llama around the path shown in the image above. Have Gamora sing to repel the llama toward Peter. Then have Peter sing to make the llama come to him. Once the llama reaches Peter, have Gamora sing again to keep it moving counterclockwise. Once it’s near Rocket, use Groot to lead her toward him. Once the llama is near the center, make Peter sing to lead her down. Use Rocket to repel her toward the green area. Then have Groot hum to complete the llama’s journey to the controls.

Planet Lamentis

After escaping from your rooms, exit the Milano and go head forward. Keep going as the path wraps near the coast. You find Drax and then Mantis shortly afterward. Follow Mantis to the big head and then enter the creepy cave.

Inside the Creepy Cave

Mantis will guide you through most of the cave. Follow Mantis until you reach the top area with a river crossing through it. Walk to the waterfall, and you’ll find a cave behind it. Inside the cave, you’ll find the chest containing the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse for Gamora. Return to Mantis and continue following her as you traverse through the cave.


You’ll stop at a ridge. Look to the left and crawl through the hole. Look up and to the left and use Gamora to climb to the top of the wall. From there, you’ll be able to destroy the materials to release a large crystal and bridge the gap between the chasm.

Slide across the crystal, continue following Mantis and you’ll encounter a foggy area with fog monsters. Once all the monsters are defeated the fog clears. Continue forward and, as the path leads to the right, you’ll see a small hole on the wall in the left.

Once you get to the other side follow the ledge toward the left side. After climbing over the first ledge you can find the archive, A Foggy Threat. Climb over to the ledge next to that.

Go right and up onto the brain coral-looking rocks at the end of the ledge, you’ll find Mourning Candle Guardian Collectible. Head the other way to find some advanced components and jump down to the area below. Use the hole on the wall to the right to return to the path and head left to reunite with the team.

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Follow Mantis and you’ll reach an open area containing stone enemies named Ogrode. They’re not very remarkable. Just keep your distance and combo your Guardian abilities until they’re all defeated.

After fighting the Ogrode you will come to an open area. To the back right, near the cliff with the face, there will be a small opening that Rocket needs to go through. Once inside the cave, shoot the gas holes with your Ice Shot and from there you can see a lift. You will need Groot to lift you up to the platform above.

Out of the cave, take a right and jump up. There will be another area you can jump up to on your right. Sidle along the right wall and the chest is on the other side. Open it to obtain the Hero of Halfworld Rocket Outfit.

After grabbing the outfit, head back to the area you battled the Ogrode. On the left side is a large piece of crystal you can move to unlock the next path. Squeeze between the stalagmites on the left. Shoot the material on the ledge across the gap and have Groot make a bridge to get over there. Continue following Mantis around the rocks and crystals.


Rocket Blows Up

You’ll eventually need to go down a crystal slide. As you’re sliding the end shatters and you’ll need to double jump to reach the ledge. Shortly after that, Rocket becomes impatient and will start blowing things up. Follow Rocket to the large face statue, and this will trigger a cutscene.

After the Fall

When Peter tries rescuing Drax, this will activate a quicktime event. You’ll now have Wind Shots that allow you to pull enemies and interact with certain items. Follow the trail and you’ll find one of those items. Use your Wind Shot to clear the path, and then slide down the hill to reach the next area.

As you continue through the next couple of areas, you’ll encounter several swarms of fog enemies. Fight your way through the fog until you finally make it out on the other end. Use your Wind Shot to pull down enemies from tall ledges. Take advantage of the many environmental attack options for Groot and Rocket as well. Once the fog clears, follow Mantis through the cave and slide down to the next area.

This area has more Ogrodes, if you’re quiet, you can sneak up and get a surprise hit on them. They take heavy stagger damage from your Wind Shot! After defeating all the Ogrodes, look to the right of the area. Find the large head with the Wind Shot mooring on it. Use the Wind Shot to Pull it away from the head.

Destroy the material behind the head and crawl inside. Plug all the gas with your Ice Shots; then quickly switch to the Wind Shot to remove the rocks ahead of you and climb across to the other side. The path leads to a high ledge. Look to the right, and you’ll find the Meditation Stone Guardian Collectible.

Double jump down from the ledge and continue following Mantis, you’ll pass a Pip’s Quips archive on the edge of the path, then exit into an area with giant plants and falling water.

Stopping the Water


Rocket won’t cross the bridge until the water stops rushing over it. Use your visor to find the clumps of material attached to the massive plants. You can turn the plants to break the water’s flow, but you’ll need to destroy all the clumps of material first. Alternate using your visor and your guns until you’ve removed all the material you can reach from the ground floor.

Start with the left one. To the left, there’s a wall that allows Gamora to help you climb up. Follow the path all the way to the end. You’ll find more material to destroy. Check your visor and inspect the area to make sure you got it all.

(Video) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Walkthrough Gameplay Part 10: TEST OF FAITH

Once you’ve destroyed all the clumps on the left side, return to the ground and pull the left plant. This opens up the left half of the bridge. Make your way across and head right. You’ll find a platform Groot can use to lift you to the ledge above. Follow the path and use Gamora to reach the very top. When you reach the very top, look to the right, there’s material stuck to the wall that’s very easy to miss. Use your visor to make sure you’ve gotten everything; then, double jump down and pull the other plant. Then cross the bridge and exit the area.

Into the Darkness

You’ll need to follow closely near Groot for him to light your way. Drop down one level and then go to the right to get to a wall of stalagmites. Turn left and you'll hit a dead end. When you turn around you should see a pink-lit opening you can slide through. The chest containing the Groot Annihilation Conquest Outfit will be in there at the back of the small room.

After grabbing the outfit, jump down to rejoin the team and use the path as it leads down and to the left to make it out of the area.

Escape the Foggy Cave

This next room is filled with fog. Gamora and Rocket will comment about the noises they hear. Each of them thinks it’s a different type of enemy. Don’t respond to either of them — it’s a trap! When you mention an enemy there fog manifests them. You’ll be stuck in a loop entering a room, fighting enemies, and entering a room, fighting enemies. Etc. Use the bottom option to not respond to either of them. After waiting a short time, the fog clears and opens the passage on the left side.

After exiting the fog loop, the path leads out and toward the left. If you look to the right, you can find two ledges each containing advanced components. Follow the team around the cliff until you slide into the next area.

Destroy the Source


After a brief chat, your team will be attacked by foggy Guardians. Fighting them off will last forever unless you destroy the source of the fog. Evade the foggy Guardians and head to the left side of the area. You’ll see a small hole for Rocket to go into. He’ll enter and blow up part of the head.

Since the first explosion wasn’t enough to destroy the head, run to the right. You’ll find another hole behind the waterfall. Command Rocket to enter the hole, and he’ll refuse. You’ll need to keep fighting.

As the fight continues, Gamora gets trapped by the wind. Command Rocket to enter the hole again and he’ll refuse, again. Keep fighting and eventually, Groot becomes trapped by the fog. Command Rocket again and he’ll finally do it!

Fend off the foggy Guardians as Rocket detonates the explosives. Once he’s done it, you need to finish the job by facing the head and pulling it apart with your Wind Shot. This destroys the fog, clears the path, and unlocks Rocket’s special ability, Five Barrel Barrage! Follow the path ahead and you’ll reach the destination. After the cutscenes, you’ll advance to Chapter 11 - Mind Over Matter.

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How do you beat Chapter 10 in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

You'll need to alternate between the different guardians to lead the llama around the path shown in the image above. Have Gamora sing to repel the llama toward Peter. Then have Peter sing to make the llama come to him. Once the llama reaches Peter, have Gamora sing again to keep it moving counterclockwise.

Should I answer yes or no to Adam Warlock? ›

You can speak to Adam Warlock inside Peter's room. It doesn't seem like any of your responses seem to make a difference, so respond however you'd like.

What happens if you let peters mom hug him? ›

If players choose to rethink their choice, they will be sent back to the moment Peter's mom starts to hug him and will be forced to shoot her to exit the fantasy. It's still possible to get sucked back into the dream if Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is allowed to hug his mom for too long.

How many outfits are in chapter 10 Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Chapter 10 contains 3 Outfits and 2 Guardian Collectibles.

How do you defeat Guardians easily? ›

Ancient Weapons

Regular weapons will barely make a scratch on Guardians, you need to fight fire with fire, in this case Sheikah weapons. You can find several variants of these glowing weapons, often inside Shrine chests, make them on demand at the Akkala Tech Lab or claim them from fallen Guardian Scouts.

How to get 15000 units for Groot? ›

If you chose to sell Groot, you'll successfully sell him to Lady Hellbender and earn 15,000units. The chapter will then be more stealthy as you try freeing Groot and escaping the fortress.

Should I buy doll for Gamora? ›

Best choice: If you have spare money, there's no reason not to get the Doll really. It prompts some dialogue with Gamora back on the Milano and goes towards the related achievements and trophies. Of course, there's no penalty to not getting it, so don't do it if you'd rather put those units towards other things.

Is Warlock a good guy or bad guy? ›

But ,it is very important to remember that Warlock isn't a villain or a hero, so his true status as a character is left as a true mystery.

What happens if you hide the tech guardians? ›

If you decide to hide the creature you will be fined a smaller 7000 credits for trespassing and for smuggling illegal weapons, which are also consequently confiscated by the Nova Corp. This means you won't have the homing missiles later on in Chapter 9. You still get fined and Rocket's tech will be confiscated anyway.

What happens if you let the prisoner out in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

If Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy chooses to let him out, the prisoner's cell is released into space.

What happens if you hide the tech in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Guardians of the Galaxy Llama Or Tech: Hide The Llama

By selecting the llama in the Guardians of the Galaxy Llama or Tech choice, you will receive a smaller fine of 7000 units. However, without hiding the tech it will be confiscated and therefore will not unlock the auto-lock missiles for the Milano later in the game.

Why did he put the tumor in Peter's mom? ›

Fearing that he was becoming too attached to her and becoming unfocused in his mission, Ego decided to kill her, although he was not without remorse for it. He used his power to cause an inoperable malignancy to develop in her brain, dooming her to die of brain cancer.

Who does Nicky become at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Guardians ends with Warlock taking back the Soul Stone and promising to seek out the Guardians if he needs their help, while Nikki becomes the official sixth member of the team.

How many endings does Guardians of the Galaxy have? ›

However, Guardians of the Galaxy only has one ending for players to reach, which isn't bad. Not all games need multiple endings, and Guardians of the Galaxy is a very linear story that takes players on a largely rail-based narrative.

How do you get 12000 units in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

The best choice, and the default choice when starting from the Lady Hellbender chapter, is to sell Groot. If Drax does all the talking, you'll walk out of there with 12,000 units.

How many outfits are in Knowhere? ›

There are five outfits in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game Chapter 12: Knowhere to Run.

How do you get the sun Lord outfit? ›

Star-Lord: Sun-Lord - Unlocked immediately if you have the deluxe version of the game. If you don't have that version, you unlock the outfit by beating the story. Star-Lord: City-Lord - Unlocked immediately if you have the deluxe version of the game.

What is the best weapon to defeat Guardians? ›

The single best weapon you can use however is an Ancient Arrow. When fired from a decent bow, a bulls-eye right into the eye of any Guardian will instantly kill it, while a glancing blow will usually deal half of its health in damage.

Can the Master Sword break? ›

The Master Sword breaks, but it doesn't break like any other weapon in Breath of the Wild. Instead, its power drains. After several minutes, you can use it again. If you're looking for the Master Sword, check out our guide.

How do you parry Guardians every time? ›

To get the timing, stand in front of the Guardian with your shield raised, and wait for it to lock on. The targeting system will beep. Before the laser fires, there be energy surrounding the Guardian's eye, followed by a screen flash. As soon as you see the energy building, press the A button to parry.

Should U Sell Groot or rocket? ›

The key differences are that selling Groot is a stealthy option with a little more of a chance to see Lady Hellbender's castle in peacetime (barely), while Rocket's path is purely action-focused, blasting your way out in that quintessentially Rocket-like way.

Can you get 20000 units for Groot? ›

Selling Groot can net you up to 12,000 units and is the only option where you actually sell a creature. To do this, you have to let Drax lead and have faith in his ability.

Should I side with Korel or Nikki? ›

The best choice here is to side with Nikki. Not only does it matter for the story, but she'll also give you a Compendium item in the shape of an access key that will be useful in Chapter 7. Star-Lord will say that he hacked the doors and Nikki had nothing to do with it, making him look like the bad guy.

Who has a crush on Gamora? ›

Gamora and Peter's Relationship is a canon romantic pairing between fellow Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill and Gamora. Together, the two of them are called "Starmora."

Can Gamora have kids? ›

She has an (adopted) daughter

Given the laws of comic book relationships, that means that they'll inevitably hook up. Warlock and Gamora didn't just become a couple, however — they actually have a child together, albeit an adopted one.

Does Nova love Gamora? ›

Nova died professing his love for Gamora and sacrificing himself to free Star-Lord from a dimension where they could both suffer but never die.

Can a Warlock be female? ›

In early modern Scots, the word came to be used as the male equivalent of witch (which can be male or female, but has historically been used predominantly for females).

Who will become Adam Warlock? ›

James Gunn Explains "Complicated" Reason He Cast Will Poulter in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' Poulter is set to play Adam Warlock in the upcoming superhero film.

Is Nova Adam Warlock? ›

Adam Warlock was a member of the Nova Corps that helped keep the peace on Knowhere, the decapitated head of dead Celestial that acted as Battleworld's moon.

Should I hide the crate or llama? ›

Interestingly, even though the llama stays on the ship no matter what, choosing to hide it in chapter 2 alters how the team gets out of a dangerous situation in a later chapter. If players want a quick way out of this future predicament, they should choose to hide the llama.

Should I hide llama or rocket crate? ›

Hide Rocket's tech

Overall, keeping the llama is the cheaper choice, but if you want a slight, but not very significant edge in a later chapter, stash the tech. You'll still have the llama eating holes in the wall on Milano, but if you keep the tech, you'll need to sing to it to direct it.

Can you romance Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy game? ›

The developer's choice not to have a romantic attraction between Star-Lord and Gamora only helps to strengthen this plot in several ways. Related: Should You Play Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in New Game+?

What happens if you go after Gamora? ›

If you follow Gamora up the ramp, you'll stop her from attacking Raker. If you intervene, she'll rejoin you for the rest of the mission, and Raker won't be damaged when you fight him later.

What happens if you don't pay Nova Corps fine? ›

If you choose not to pay the fine, you'll also unlock an extra cutscene at the end of the game. In this scene, the Nova Corps disable the Milano, since the Guardians Of The Galaxy are technically still in debt, despite having saved everyone from Grand Unifier Raker.

What happens if you don't close the fridge in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

That's because no matter how many times you close the fridge, every time you return to the Milano, the door will be open again. Closing it also has absolutely no effect on anything else in the game or how its story progresses.

What is 7000 units Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

You'll be fined 7000 units for trespassing and smuggling illegal weapons. You won't later unlock additional homing missiles on the Milano because you lost the illegal tech. When you're locked in the Milano at a later stage, you'll discover the llama chewed holes in the wall that you can use to escape.

Is Star-Lord Nikki's dad? ›

In Marvel's GOTG, Nikki is originally defined by her relationship to Star-Lord, the only playable character. Her Promise reveals a life where Star-Lord is her father and Ko-Rel is her mother.

Is Nikki Peters daughter? ›

With the help of Ko-Rel's spirit–who reveals Nikki is an adopted war orphan and not Peter's daughter–Peter convinces Nikki to accept Ko-Rel's death, freeing her from her Promise and Magus' control, while also unlocking her hidden powers.

How many kids did Ego have? ›

During his travels, Ego wooed females from many alien species and had thousands of children across the cosmos.

Who is Star-Lord's daughter? ›

Nicholette "Nikki" Gold is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Nikki first appeared in Marvel Presents #4 (April 1976) and was created by Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes.

Is Ego actually Peter's dad? ›

Ego was a Celestial, a primordial and powerful being, and the biological father of Peter Quill and Mantis.

Does Nikki become Nova? ›

L'Rell adopted Nikki and made her a junior Nova Corps.

Who becomes Nova? ›

Calling himself Nova, Rider becomes a superhero, fighting costumed supervillains such as the Condor, Powerhouse, Diamondhead, the Corruptor, and the Sphinx, and teaming with heroes such as Spider-Man and Thor. He initially hides his identity, but later reveals it to his family.

Is Ko-Rel Dead in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Ko-Rel was a Nova Corps centurion who was killed by Magus.

What happens if you let your mom hug you Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

If players choose to rethink their choice, they will be sent back to the moment Peter's mom starts to hug him and will be forced to shoot her to exit the fantasy. It's still possible to get sucked back into the dream if Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is allowed to hug his mom for too long.

What happens if you let Drax throw rocket? ›

You can either stop Drax, or encourage Drax to throw Rocket. The first thing to note is that there are no long-term consequences to throwing Rocket. Besides making him furious, your decision won't impact the wider story in any way.

Is GOTG 3 the last movie? ›

Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoë Saldana and more return for the third and final film of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, premiering in 2023. Buckle up, Marvel fans — the Guardians are about to save the galaxy once again. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

How do you beat the final boss in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

To actually beat Magus you will need to pass the stone from one guardian to the next, which means hitting a command prompt at just the right time. Eventually, you will get the stone to Star-Lord and again you will need to keep pressing the command prompt button as fast as possible to beat Magus.

Who is the hardest boss in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

1 Grand Unifier Raker

The final boss fight of the campaign is Grand Unifier Raker, the leader of the Church Of Universal Truth. Square Enix is known for their ridiculously difficult and long boss fights: Raker is no different.

How do you beat Chapter 11 in Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Destroy the Nests

Shoot the nests, and after a few overclocked shots, they'll disappear. You need to destroy all the nests. Look for the purple beam of light that shoots up from them. After destroying all of them, you'll encounter Drax again.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy get DLC? ›

Will there be DLC for Guardians of the Galaxy? Eidos Montreal has said that the Guardians of the Galaxy video game will have no DLC. Executive narrative director, Mary DeMarle, confirmed this during a pre-launch interview with Stevivor. “There isn't going to be any DLC for this game,” DeMarle explained unequivocally.

Can you save after beating the final boss? ›

Yes, your save file will have a little symbol to show that you finished the game, but then you can continue playing as if the final boss wasn't beaten. You have to choose not to save your game in order to continue playing and do the side quests, otherwise hero mode will overwrite your save file and you will lose it.

Is Adam Warlock a bad guy? ›

Will Poulter will star in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as Adam Warlock, a villain who may become a hero. The MCU has changed Adam's origins. He's now a creation of Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), the high priestess of the Sovereigns, who will unleash Adam as revenge for their actions in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Who is the weakest guardian of the galaxy? ›

20 Guardians Of The Galaxy Members Ranked From Weakest To...
  • 7 ALETA.
  • 1 PHOENIX.
Oct 25, 2018

Is the moon Lord a hard boss? ›

The Moon Lord is the final boss in Terraria. Because of its high health and its numerous, highly damaging attacks, it is generally considered one of the most difficult bosses in the game.

Do you sell Groot or Rocket? ›

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. You will anger Lady Hellbender either way, and both choices pay out 12,000 credits it's more a decision based on whether you want to play a stealth mission, or a firefight mission.

What happens if you don't pay the Nova Corp fine? ›

If you choose not to pay the fine, you'll also unlock an extra cutscene at the end of the game. In this scene, the Nova Corps disable the Milano, since the Guardians Of The Galaxy are technically still in debt, despite having saved everyone from Grand Unifier Raker.

Can you go back chapters in Guardians? ›

The Chapters Menu, which is located in the Main Menu of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, allows players to replay any prior completed Chapter without saving or overwriting your progress. This will let you experience the dialog or content you may have missed.

How long is chapter 12 Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

Chapter 12 – Knowhere to Run (approx. 1 hour 55 minutes) – With Drax back and Adam Warlock on side (ish) you head to Knowhere again, where the Church has taken over in a bid to take the fight back to them.

How many hours does it take to beat Guardians of the Galaxy? ›

As per Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is about 17½ Hours in length when players are focusing on the main story objectives.


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